Sarah Meyer Thompson
CEO / Head Cheerleader
"We are fanatical, intense, wound tight, and high-strung..."
Mark Meyer
Founder / Owner / Cheerleader
Hello friends. As many of you know, my father, Mark Meyer, started Mg Biologics in 1999… back when I was a teenager! It was here at Mg where I learned about antibodies, performed research trials, and launched new products for the equine neonatal industry. Mark remains involved with Mg as Chairman of the Board, however he has passed the CEO reigns (horse pun intended) to me. I am honored to be leading Mg Biologics as we press forward.
Our products are focused on how to benefit your animal’s health, from neonatal to critical care needs. This includes plasma, IgG, antibody products, and antivenin for equine and canine. We believe (and research shows) that antibodies (and antivenins) are beneficial in reducing the duration and severity of a disease or in arresting the disease entirely.
More importantly, Mg proudly continues in the spirit that Mark founded nearly 20 years ago:
“Of the principles that we hold most dear, we consider customer service to be especially satisfying. Even to say it more clearly; sometimes when things don’t go right (because sometimes they don’t) we make an extra effort to see that the customer is taken care of. We are fanatical, intense, wound-tight, and high-strung on this point.”
I believe we have met this high standard of service to our customers and most importantly, I think they agree. Thank you for taking the time to look into our company, I look forward to serving you.

Let’s save lives.