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We have moved our e-commerce to the Vetcove platform. This decision enables you, our dear friends and customers, to experience (for free!) a progressive and powerful veterinary e-commerce platform. We are always seeking new ways to please our customers and we couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity. We know many of you have already made the switch and are saving loads of time and money throughout the inventory process, hooray! For those of you who are new to Vetcove, please see the resources we have collected for you below this paragraph, And lastly, as always, you can still call in orders and speak with an actual human being!“Vetcove isn’t going to solve all of the challenges your clinic faces, but we promise that it will make inventory easier, faster, and cheaper. It will help you find the best products, the lowest-cost vendor to purchase it from, and whether you can resell it profitably. You’ll have access to the most extensive combined catalog in the industry, and one easy-to-use tool for purchasing from all of the vendors you’re already using.” –

How to order.

From our website. Our products linked to their home in Vetcove. Just click the button “Purchase on Vetcove” and it will take you there.

New to Vetcove. You will have to create an account specific to Vetcove. Once completed you can search our products by name or our company name.

Already on Vetcove. Great! You can search and add to cart as you normally would.

Getting Started on Vetcove.

Getting Started on Vetcove

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