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Rattler Antivenom benefits both veterinarians and pet owners alike while maintaining a beneficial price point.

Three-year shelf life. Stored frozen, Rattler Antivenom is good for three years from manufacture date.

Ready to use in five minutes. Thaw using a warm water bath; does NOT require reconstitution or dilution.

Cross-protective. Shown to be effective against envenomation in canine, equine, feline due to North American Crotalidae. Crotalidae refers to the Crotalinae subfamily (commonly named ‘Pit Vipers’) and includes cottonmouths/water moccasins, copperheads, and rattlesnakes.

All-In-One. For use against all North American Pit Vipers.

Neutralizes Mohave Venom A. The only licensed product that includes specific antibodies proven to neutralize venom from Mohave Rattlesnake Type A.

Safe to use. May be used alongside typical post-snake bite therapies.

Safe with vaccine. Safe and compatible for use in previously vaccinated patients. Rattler Antivenom shares no common proteins with the industry’s most widely used rattlesnake vaccine.

Made in the USA. Manufactured and distributed by Mg Biologics and proudly made in Ames, Iowa.

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Made in USA

Made from North American venoms for North American pit viper envenomations.

Proudly made and manufactured by Mg Biologics (Ames, Iowa).

Antivenom Research

Rattler Antivenom has undergone rigorous studies and was proven to be safe and efficacious, meeting all of the stringent requirements to attain USDA licensure. In continuing this standard, each serial is passed through a series of strict quality assurance tests to ensure the highest quality product is being provided to the industry. Below are a few study summaries highlighting the quality and efficacy of Rattler Antivenom.

Canine and Equine. 1,200 doses. Less than 1% reported adverse events. Rattler Antivenom's high safety statistics are highlighted by the fact that out of 1,200 doses distributed in the field, only 0.76% reported an adverse event in canine cases, and zero reported adverse equine cases. There were also no reports of delayed hypersensitivity (serum sickness), volume overload, or recurrence (returning symptoms due to incomplete venom neutralization).

Feline. The newest addition to this product offering is the proven efficacy and safety in feline. Postmarketing studies are underway, however licensing statistics reported efficacy in over 50 cats. Adverse events were shown in 24 of the 56 cats that ranged from mild hypersensitivity (vocalizing, facial redness, salivating, and agitation in 15 cats) to anaphylaxis (mild events to severe, early reactions in 9 cats).

Clinical trials, a detailed evaluation. Clinical evaluations were performed at 58 veterinary clinics on 132 envenomated dogs, 56 envenomated cats, and 34 envenomated horses presenting with mild to severe symptoms of envenomation. Of these patients, 100% of horses, 93% of dogs, and 91.1% of cats survived envenomation following snake bites when treated to effect with Rattler Antivenom (remaining cases succumbed to complications due to envenomation).

Clinical evaluations in Rattler Antivenom in dogs, horses, and cats within 24 hours of snake bite demonstrated to significantly: neutralize venom, decrease swelling, reduce and/ or eliminate pain, decrease temperature, and reduce the overall hospital time.

In-vivo neutralization test. A goal of Mg Biologics is to provides a product that can be used as a single treatment in the typical envenomation. One of the research methods involved venom neutralization in a mouse model. Lethality and efficacy (LD50/ED50) studies in mice using Rattler Antivenom were performed to determine efficacy of venom neutralization in a live model. The ED50 was robust, successfully testing the product against five times the LD50, demonstrating that Rattler Antivenom effectively neutralized venom up to five times the dose of venom that would have killed 50% of the mice. By maintaining a hearty efficacy, we are changing the paradigm where multiple doses may no longer be needed to treat the typical snakebite.

Size doesn’t matter
(A horse, labrador, cat, and chihuahua each receive the entire 50ml treatment.)


A horse, labrador, cat, and chihuahua each receive the entire 50ml treatment.

Do I use the whole thing, even on a Chihuahua?
Yes. Rattler Antivenom has been specifically formulated to neutralize the typical amount of venom released during a bite. It is crucial to administer the entire 50ml treatment.

As body size gets smaller, the amount of venom circulating proportional to the body increases. Every patient (no matter the size) should receive at least one full 50ml treatment of Rattler Antivenom for optimum neutralization.

That’s a lot of fluid for a Chihuahua, how fast do I administer?
Administer to effect intravenously using a filtered IV administration set over a 20-60 minute period (standard rate of infusion). Small animals may require a slower administration time, with short breaks, to ensure the entire treatment is administered without risking volume overload. Please use professional judgment.

When do I use more than one treatment?
As you, the veterinarian, know, each case can be different. There may be times when using more than one treatment is right for your patient. Multiple doses are safe to administer.

Circumstances that may merit a second treatment include:
Multiple bites / Bites near airways / Very small patients / If bite happened more than 2 hours prior to administration / If no physical or clinical progress has been made 4-8 hours since first treatment (clotting times may be a good indicator of this progress).


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Dosage & Administration.

Feline: Administer to effect intravenously using a filtered IV set at 2-3 mL/kg/hour.

Canine and Equine: Administer to effect intravenously using a filtered IV set over a 20-60 minute period. Warm to body temperature using a warm water bath prior to administration. One to two 50ml doses will be sufficient in most cases regardless of body size (equine, canine, feline). Additional doses may be necessary on a case-by-case basis. Factors to consider include the severity of envenomation, type and size of snake, and size of patient (the smaller the body of the victim, the more the venom to blood volume ratio increases).

Administer Rattler Antivenom as is, without reconstitution or dilution. Do not mix this product with other fluids. As with any antivenom, additional fluids and supplemental therapies can be used. Rattler Antivenom has been administered in conjunction with, prior to, or immediately after other fluids and no direct risk or contraindication to the patient has been reported. Use professional judgment.

The use of corticosteroids is controversial. Use professional discretion.

Restricted to use by or under the direction of a licensed veterinarian.