A Letter to Our Friends and Customers:

Company Updates During #COVID2020

March 20, 2020

Hello friends,

This unexpected new season we find ourselves in has us at Mg reflecting on one of our mottos,

“…when things don’t go right (because sometimes they don’t), we make an extra effort to see that the customer is taken care of.”

Of course, Covid-19 is ushering in a new (unsettling) season of “things not going right”… We want our customers to know that Mg has been implementing strategies that have elevated our (already high) safety guidelines and practices at Mg.

In many ways, life will continue as we knew it: foals will be born, snake bite season will begin, and like usual, Mg has continued full employment and manufacturing throughout the implementation of “COVID-19 procedures”—from an appropriate social distance, of course! Our goals continue to provide the same quality of service with the same quality of product and to protect customers and employees to the best of our ability. These pro-active measures include:

• FedEx pick-up schedule has remained steady and we don’t foresee any reason to not ship products.

• We have instituted work-from-home for our non-essential to manufacturing employees and are encouraging company-wide telecommuting whenever possible (Customer Service and other office positions). This allows manufacturing departments to work in the cleanest, safest environment possible.

• We have isolated certain areas to ensure the full functionality of operational logistics.

• We are taking precautions that are “over and above” the recommended guidelines for members of our Herd Health, Production, and Facility Teams.

• We have a check-in and check-out with increased sanitation for our shipping department.

From our owners to our donor herd, the entire team at Mg Biologics is fully operational and ready to serve you, our friends and customers, with much diligence in this time of uncertainty. We know that the cadence of your lives has changed dramatically these last few weeks, and will likely continue to do so this Spring. Please, as the situation unfolds, we encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have!

To all our health,

Sarah Anthony, CEO and Head Cheerleader and all of the team at Mg Biologics.