ImmunoGlo is custom blended plasma.

ImmunoGlo is plasma from donors with various vaccination histories. This provides an added benefit of allowing the veterinarian to choose the immunization history of the donors.

Step one.  Choose your donor vaccination histories. Remember: this is designed to your needs. Each of your clients may choose a different designer blend.

Step two.  Choose the volume of each type of donor history that you would like. Choose any combination from two donors up to seven donors. Choose from the total volume per unit ranging from 900 to 1500 milliliters. Pricing is directly related to the quantity per unit.

Step three.  Once you have your designer recipe on file, let us know the quantity you will order that season and we will have your designer blend in our freezer, ready to go when you order. With overnight shipping also available you will have it the next day to administer to your foal.

Donor vaccination histories:

Rhodococcus equi
Streptococcus equi
Clostridium difficile
Clostridium perfringens A

E. coli
West Nile Virus
Clostridium botulinum B

The flexibility to choose the ratio of each donor’s history is available as a non-USDA licensed plasma product due to the 1996 federal mandate that deregulated normal plasma as a licensed veterinary product. As such, we make no health claim expressed or implied with regards to the vaccination history of donors and we make no claims to cure, treat, prevent, or protect from disease using plasma from these donors. We simply offer the veterinarian the opportunity to design the donor vaccination histories for their plasma.

Each unit of plasma is custom
blended from single origin donors.


All-new design

What makes great design?  An ultra-thin bag for faster thaw time, easy to read labeling that makes ordering a breeze, and better customer success with custom designed blends of equine plasma, just to name a few. Example of blend serial 5400 below.

Volume and vaccination history shown represent the amount of plasma blended from each individual donor.*