Plasma from donors vaccinated against Clostridium Perfringens types A, C & D


Info: ACD Care supports the performance of the gastrointestinal tract during high-stress situations by supplementing the body with plasma proteins from donors vaccinated against Clostridium perfringens A, C, & D. By orally administering during enteric distress, the functional proteins in ACD Care are able to aid gut health during high-stress enteric health situations.

Administration: Can be oral, subcutaneous (SQ), or intravenous (IV).
Newborn, Feeder Calves and Cattle: 10-20 ml
Suckling Lambs and Goats: 5-10 ml
Feeder Lambs and Goats: 10-20 ml

It may be beneficial to combine both SQ and oral administration using a 50/50 ratio. Oral administration may be beneficial against foreign proteins in the gut and promote a healthy biome.

Ingredients: Equine Plasma Proteins, Sodium Citrate Solution,
Gentamicin as a preservative.

Precaution: Every reasonable precaution has been taken to safeguard this product. There is always the possibility, while rare, of adverse events. Hypersensitivity reactions could occur in all species. In case of anaphylaxis, give epinephrine. Always check patient history for previous equine protein exposure or a previous reaction to foreign protein biologics. Due to the potential incompatibility of equine donor blood factors, do not use in equine species.

Mg Biologics makes no health claim expressed or implied with regards to the vaccination history of the donors and does not claim to cure, treat, prevent, or protect from disease.

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