ImmunoGut is plasma from donors vaccinated against E. coli, Parvovirus, Salmonella and Clostridiodes difficile.

ImmunoGut is plasma fortified against a blend of enteric diseases and is recommended for use in companion animals post-exposure: Sick litter-mate? Muddy water? Dead rabbit? Who knows where their mouth has been and what they’ve picked up?

ImmunoGut is for use in animals suffering from enteric distress. Here, orally administered support may be beneficial against foreign proteins in the gut and promote a healthy biome.

Orally administered ImmunoGut during enteric distress provides fast and functional proteins that coat the gastrointestinal tract, and encourage a healthy gut biome. Further, oral administration is faster than traditional IV treatments. With ImmunoGut, functional proteins immediately reach the gut, quickly find and neutralize the agitation, and carry it out of the digestive system.

Use: Healthy gut biome. Neutralize distress at the source. Fast and easy administration. Extremely palatable. Reduce the tendency for antibiotic overuse. No disturbance to normal gut flora.

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