Plasma from donors vaccinated against Protein Volume Replacement PVR

Our lowest cost option.

The primary use of PVR Protein Volume Replacer is for hypoproteinemia or hypovolemic critical care patients pre and post operatively where protein has been lost from the intravascular space due to a decrease of oncotic pressure. The intravascular oncotic pressure is maintained, principally by albumin (which is responsible for 75% of the oncotic pressure of the plasma) and with contributions from globulin and fribrinogen. The macro components of ImmunoGlo PVR are albumin, immunoglobulins, fibrin (clotting factors) with the remainder made up of other proteins and protein factors (factors XII, XI, IX, X, V, VII, II, I, VIII).

Aids transport: ImmunoGlo PVR is rich in clotting factors, albumin, and globulins essential for carrying necessary proteins to bodily tissues during trauma situations. Administration of PVR, nicknamed PVR, replenishes the ability to move medication, signal hormones, water, enzymes, and other molecules deeper into tissue during high-stress situations. This is particularly helpful in transporting antibiotics and pharmaceuticals further into the tissue, helping them work faster.

Our breakthrough techniques yield albumin and protein levels that will speed up your patient’s recovery through protein transport and bringing oncotic pressure to normal levels. You are confident that you are administering a high quality solution that will benefit your patient and support their body fluids.

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